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Do I Need a Humidifier for My Home?

People often associate discomfort with high humidity. When the moisture levels in the air rise too high, it makes it difficult for the human body to release heat through perspiration, and this makes warm temperatures feel even hotter.

However, low humidity causes problems with comfort as well, and if your home is suffering from dry air, you may need a whole-house humidifier installed into the HVAC system. A humidifier will not only help keep you comfortable during colder temperatures (by preventing excess heat from escaping your body), it will also help prevent damage to your home and create a healthier environment.

For more information about a humidifier in Wilmette, IL for your home, call the specialists at Malek Heating & Cooling and ask about how to improve your indoor air quality. We’ve helped keep households in the Chicagoland area comfortable in dry (and damp) weather since 1998.

Reasons You May Need a Humidifier for Your House

How will you know that you have air that is too dry? When relative humidity drops below 30%, you’ll notice an increase in static electricity in the home, as well as conditions such as dry, chapped skin. If you also find that you have to run your heating system during the winter more often than normal in order to maintain comfort, one of the culprits is probably low humidity that is drawing the moisture out of your body.

A whole-house humidifier will help your home in three major areas:

  • Comfort: Since dry weather is often a problem during winter, this can mean cold temperatures that feel even more miserable. With a humidifier to properly balance moisture levels, cold weather is much more tolerable. (You’ll save on energy bills as well.)
  • Health: Aside from the effects that low humidity has on skin, dry conditions make it easier for viruses and colds to spread. Low moisture leads to dried sinuses and mucus membranes, lowering the body’s defense against illnesses. Also, a number of viruses thrive in dry environments.
  • Home protection: Arid conditions don’t just draw the moisture out of the human body; they also draw it out of the surfaces in a home. This is especially problematic for wood, which cracks and buckles in dry conditions. If you own precision wooden musical instruments or valuable antiques and artwork, they can suffer serious damage in a dry house.

A small portable humidifier can help with a single room, but for proper defense against dry air you should call for Malek Heating & Cooling to install a whole house humidifier in Wilmette, IL. Our technicians will make sure that the humidifier placed in your home balances moisture and won’t end up creating the opposite problem of high humidity. Call us today to find out more.

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