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Air Filtration Systems vs. Air Purifiers: How to Choose for Your House

Air filters, pl. noun: Devices that remove air contaminants by using a mesh of filters to trap particles in the air flow that moves through them.

Air purifiers, pl. noun: Electronic installations placed into HVAC systems that use ionization, UV radiation, oxidation, or other methods to eliminate pollutants without using filtration. Syn: air scrubbers, air cleaners.

Now that we’ve put up those two definitions, the next question is, “Okay, which one is the best for improving my home’s indoor air quality?”

Probably both!

This is the good news: you don’t have to choose between one or the other. You can have a filtration system put in and then add a purification system. The two work together to create a situation where you can eliminate more than 99% of the airborne contaminants moving through your living spaces. In fact, this is the way the majority of houses have their air cleaned.

Start with air filtration

The usual place to begin when it comes to indoor air quality is finding the right filtration system. A filter is almost always helpful, since any home will have dust, lint, and dander moving through it. These are the particles that filters are excellent at stopping. Make sure that you work with an indoor air quality professional, since a filter that is too powerful (has a high MERV rating) will choke off the airflow as well—ruining your comfort system and elevating your bills.

The right air purifier for the double-team defense

If the best filter is still not sufficient because there are smaller particles such as gas and odor molecules, bacteria, or volatile organic compounds slipping through the mesh, then it’s time to put in the extra protection of air purifiers. Again, let an IAQ expert find which type of purifier—there are many—will target what’s moving around your house.

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