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What You Should Look for in a Heating Maintenance Plan

Your heating system benefits greatly when you enroll in a quality heating maintenance program. Heating maintenance is a service in which a technician visits your home in order to make a few adjustments to your system, clean dirty components, and perform a full inspection so you can find out about any failing parts that may need replacement. This could make your system last longer and operate efficiently among many other advantages.

Additionally, some contractors offer maintenance programs with added benefits such as discount pricing on repairs. At Malek Heating & Cooling, we think you’ll find our residential maintenance plan suits all of your cooling and heating maintenance needs in Skokie. Here are some of the features we believe are the mark of a quality maintenance plan.

Two Tune Ups Every Year

A quality HVAC maintenance program should offer two annual tune ups. Generally, this means one in the fall, before the heating season begins, and one in the spring, right before you’re ready to run your air conditioner. With each tune up, a professional perform a number of standard performance and safety checks, particularly for heating systems that use gas and those that risk releasing carbon monoxide into the home. A maintenance program may be priced according to different levels of service depending on how comprehensive you need your tune up to be, which usually depends on the age of the unit.

Discounts on Parts and Repairs

Many contractors also offer discounts on parts and repairs as an added bonus for signing up for maintenance. When you sign up for an agreement with Malek Heating & Cooling, for example, we’ll give you 15% off parts and repair costs.

A Company That Cares

Finally, you should choose a company that takes your heating system seriously and cares about your business. Many contractors call and email to remind homeowners of their upcoming maintenance visits. And at Malek Heating & Cooling, we go above and beyond to make sure you have a positive experience by guaranteeing our service as well. When you need quality heating system service in Chicago along with additional benefits for your heating system, give us a call!

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