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Watch for Snow Blocking Vents or the Heat Pumps This Winter

We want you to enjoy a warm and safe winter season this year, no matter what sort of heating system you use to provide comfort for your house. If you use either a gas furnace or a heat pump as your main heating system, we have some advice for you regarding the presence of snow. Snow can create issues for either type of heater unless you take some precautions.

Keep furnace vents clear

More furnaces today are starting to use lateral vents rather than chimneys to vent out their exhaust fumes. You need to make sure that such vents do not become clogged up with snow or ice. If this happens, it can cause blockage that may allow dangerous carbon monoxide to enter your home. If you have a high-efficiency furnace, you need to also see that the fresh air intake pipe remains clear of snow. This is a plastic pipe, usually white, that emerges from the side of your home. If this is blocked, it will place immense strain on the furnace and lower its heating abilities.

Remove snow from the outdoor heat pump cabinet

A heat pump removes thermal energy from the outdoor air through the coils in its outside cabinet. If that cabinet is covered with snow from a recent snowfall or wind has blown a snowdrift around it, the heat pump will not be able to function at full capacity. Ice can also get inside the cabinet and cause damage. Although a little frost along the coil is normal (and will soon melt off thanks to the defrost cycle) you should make sure to shovel snow clear of the area of the cabinet so that the heat pump can operate its best.

If you encounter any serious trouble with your heating system because of ice and snow, don’t attempt to repair it yourself. You need to have professionals take care of this work.

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