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The Top Boiler Problems You May Encounter


If you have a boiler to heat your home, congratulations! What a great heating system. They provide particularly even heat, can last up to thirty years, and best of all, they rarely need repairs. But if you’re reading this, chances are, this could be one of those times when boiler repairs are necessary.

Here are the top problems you might be facing. 


If you see water pooling below your boiler, it definitely needs repair. This could be due to a few different things. Perhaps the pressure is too high, and water is dripping from the pressure release valve. Perhaps, due to constant expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations, a fitting has come loose at a connection point. Or perhaps the tank itself is leaking. A technician can determine the cause and resolve it.


While a corroded, rusty tank does mean it’s time to replace the whole system, corrosion in specific components such as the heat exchanger means you urgently need boiler repair in Evanston, IL. Replacing rusty components quickly enough can save the rest of the system, while delaying in getting repairs will result in the rust spreading to components that can’t be replaced.


Have you been hearing a sound as though an enormous pot of water is furiously boiling? This is called kettling, and no, it doesn’t generally mean the temperature is too high. It’s usually caused by water forcing its way through a layer of sediment at the bottom of the tank, and simply indicates that the tank needs to be flushed to clear that sediment out.

Cold Registers

If one or some of your radiators or baseboard registers is not receiving heat, your boiler’s manifold is a likely culprit. Don’t suffer through having parts of your home too cold this winter. A technician can get your system working the way it should so you’ll be cozy and comfortable.

Uneven or Insufficient Heat

This can be a sneaky problem that creeps up on you. Are you just imagining it? Didn’t the heat work better last winter? But this can be a warning sign that your circulator pump is struggling, and if you don’t get repairs, it could fail completely, leaving you with no heat at all. 

Rising Utility Bills

Inefficiency can be a symptom of a wide variety of heating system problems, and you might only notice it when you get your utility bill. Of course, it always seems like we have to pay too much for our heat, but if it’s truly more than it has been before, you should have your boiler checked.

Avoiding Boiler Problems

The best way to keep any heating system in top condition is with annual maintenance. Because boilers often work so well for so many years, it can be easy to forget that they need maintenance, too. Having a check-up from a qualified professional will improve your boiler’s efficiency and effectiveness, reduce the chances of major repairs being needed, and help your boiler make it to that 30-year mark without failing.

Whether you need maintenance or repair, or you think it might be time to consider replacement, we’ve got your back.

Contact ServiceMax with any questions about your boiler.

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