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Stay Safe with Your Home Heating This Winter!

The cooler weather has arrived here, and the colder weather is right around the bend. You’re probably already running the heating system in your home, and it will start on its steady work routine during the next few weeks and continue running until the spring.

It’s important during the winter to make sure that your residential heating system operates as safely as possible. Safety concerns are not limited to natural gas heaters—although you do need to take some special precautions with gas-powered furnaces and boilers. Electric heaters can pose a number of risks as well if they aren’t properly cared for.

Have you had professional heating maintenance yet?

Annual heating maintenance is something that you should arrange for every fall. Although it’s already December, it is never too late to have the job done. Give our technicians a call and ask about our maintenance program. Our inspections and tune-ups will help see that your heater—whether a boiler, furnace, or heat pump—works at its safest.

Never delay on repairs

A heating system can develop a minor fault that may not impair its heating power (much) but it is still something that professionals must fix as soon as possible. A heater running with a malfunction may rapidly become a safety risk, so call HVAC repair technicians promptly.

Replace an over-the-hill heater

One of the more dangerous types of heating systems is an old heating system. Different types of heaters have different life expectancies, but any heater that is over 20 years is past its prime and could turn hazardous. This is especially true of floor furnaces, which easily collect dust and dirt that can create combustion dangers. If your furnace is a few years past its life expectancy, call professionals to see if you should replace it.

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