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Some Specific Repairs an Electric Furnace May Need


More Americans heat with gas than electricity: 48% as compared to 37%, according to the US Census Bureau, with the rest using other fuels.

But there are many reasons for people to choose an electric furnace. A home may not be near enough to a natural gas line to be connected without considerable expense, or even so far that it cannot be connected at all. A homeowner may be able to generate their own electricity with solar panels or other green options, making electricity the lowest-cost option. They may prioritize safety above all else and simply not wan to have a gas appliance in their home. Or they may just love the idea that an electric furnace will last longer, giving them greater peace of mind and allowing them not to worry about replacing it for two decades or more. 

While there are many benefits to electric furnaces, they may still need repair on occasion. Here are the most common issues that electric furnaces run into.

Electrical Problems

Wires can come loose or become corroded over time. Relays can be broken. The connection between the furnace and the thermostat can come undone, preventing the furnace from receiving the signal to come on … or to turn off. That’s a sure sign that you need electric furnace repair in Chicago.

Limit Control Failure

The limit control switch is a safety mechanism. It will shut the furnace down if it detects any overheating, which many problems can cause. If this mechanism fails, it may send the signal for shutdown even when it’s not needed, or it may not send the signal when it is necessary, allowing the furnace to overheat.

Blower Motor Trouble

This motor powers the fan that sends air through the system to heat up and be distributed throughout your home. Excess dust, insufficient lubrication, or other issues can cause the motor to overheat. With luck, the limit switch will shut the furnace down before permanent damage occurs, but if you keep running the furnace even though it keeps shutting down early, the wiring in the motor can get hot enough to fuse together, requiring motor replacement.

Heating Element Burnout

There are multiple heating elements in an electric furnace. If one burns out, you’ll have a drop in heating, but you’ll still have some heat. The elements can be replaced individually.

Sequencer Issues

These multiple heating elements cannot come on all at once, or the demand for electricity would be too high—it would trip your circuit breaker. The sequencer is the component that ensures that the elements come on in a staggered sequence, preventing that sudden overload. If it fails, you’ll have a tripped circuit breaker or some elements simply not coming on.

If you’re concerned about your heating system, getting repairs right away can prevent a small problem from turning into a much big one. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the help you need.

Contact ServiceMax to schedule electric furnace repair or ask any questions about your heating system.

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