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A Matching System: Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Entire HVAC System

In some of our recent posts, we’ve discussed the possibility of arranging for installing a new residential heater during the fall. If you have an old furnace that no longer is living up to its former standards, then it is a wise idea to schedule a replacement before the winter arrives. That way you’ll be prepared for the cold and have a system that works at high energy efficiency.

However, if you have a standard HVAC system that consists of a furnace and an air conditioner packaged in the same cabinet, then it’s an even smarter idea to have both the heater and air conditioner replaced, along with the blower unit.

The Reasons a Full HVAC Replacement Is a Good Plan

When you use a furnace and AC combination (and that is the most popular comfort system set-up for homes), think of the two systems as being linked. Although they do different jobs and work through different methods, they share a very important component, which is the air handler. In most AC/furnace set ups, the air handler is located at the bottom of the cabinet, and it blows currents of air through both the heat exchangers of the furnace and the evaporator coils of the air conditioner. If you are having a new system installed, you must make sure that all the component parts match each other so they can work their best. A mismatched system will encounter numerous problems. It will suffer from drops in inefficiency and run the risk of a premature breakdown.

If you schedule to have a new furnace, AC, and air handler put in at the same time, not only will you have a matched system, but you’ll also save on time and installation cost. Best of all, you’ll have your annual comfort needs in great shape for many years to come.

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