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Have You Scheduled Generator Maintenance Yet?

emergency-home-generatorOne of the important jobs to have done before fall is over and the serious cold weather starts in is to have your home’s heating system maintained. One of our technicians will come to your house and give your furnace or other heater a thorough inspection and take care of necessary cleaning and adjustments. This helps ensure the best heater performance during the winter, with little chance of repair troubles and needless energy waste.

If you have a whole-house standby generator to protect your home in case of a power outage, you should also arrange for generator maintenance as part of your regular seasonal maintenance.

Why Generator Maintenance Is Important

What is a generator, really? What function does it serve? It’s a back-up system that works as insurance against one of the most uncomfortable, inconvenient, and possibly dangerous problems your home may encounter during winter: an extended power loss.

A generator, if properly installed, supplies your home with the amount of electrical voltage necessary to run the most vital systems and equipment in the house. This usually means the lights and the heating system (and remember, gas-powered heaters still need electrical power to run), as well as any essential medical equipment the residents of your house may need.

You can’t take it for granted that your generator will always work, however! Just the way a heater might fail at some point—or the power go out—a generator can fall prey to mechanical or electrical problems. If you can’t count on a generator to provide electricity to your home when necessary, then it’s not much good! After all, part of the reason to have a generator at all is the peace of mind it brings you each winter: if the power goes out, you have a backup.

Generator maintenance done annually is designed to keep up your confidence in your generator. Because a generator doesn’t work every season (in fact, you hope it never have to work at all!), it’s tough to notice when it’s developing problems. Connections can start to corrode, motors pick up dust, and the fuel supply (for generators that don’t use piped-in natural gas) turn stale. These are all problems a technician will look for during maintenance so they can be corrected before the generator has to be used. During maintenance, the technician will replace stale fuel, clean the motors, tighten connections, lubricate moving parts; whatever is needed to keep the generator operating its best. The technician will give the generator a test run to see that it’s working.

In cases of older units, the technician may advise you with a new generator installation. We’ll only recommend this if the generator cannot be repaired and at a major risk of failing on you during the winter.

If you end up needing generator repair in Park Ridge, IL after we’ve finished with the maintenance, we can arrange for a prompt repair. You’ll be ready to take on whatever surprises the winter may throw at your home’s electric system. It’s some of the best peace of mind you can have for the upcoming season.

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