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Is It Time to Repair Your Generator?

The main reason to own a whole-home generator is to be able to power your home should a power outage occur; if this help isn’t available from your generator when you need it, there isn’t much point in having a generator. Unfortunately, because generators aren’t used constantly, it may not be clear whether or not a problem exists with your generator until you need to use it. However, there are some steps you can take to determine whether or not you may need generator repair for your home in Wilmette.

Common Generator Repairs

Here are some of the more common problems that can develop with your whole-home generator:

  • Loss of lubrication – all the moving parts on your generator need adequate lubrication to operate correctly; without proper lubrication, these parts will grind and can eventually break.
  • Electrical problems – wiring and spark plugs inside the generator can corrode over time, which will affect the operation of the generator.
  • Blown generator fuses – your generator has its own fuse box that helps it to run; blown fuses will hamper its operation and require replacement in order for the generator to be operational.
  • Problems with the fuel line – the fuel line is integral to your generator’s operation. If it is bent or kinked, or has developed an air bubble, the fuel feed may be impeded.

Signs of Problems

So how can you know about some of these problems? Here are a few tips:

  • Leaking – if you see any kind of leaking or puddling around your generator, there is a good chance is has sprung a leak.
  • Visible wear on electrical components – some corrosion of the electrical components may be visible, so if you see frayed wiring or rust around terminals, call for an expert.
  • Burning smell – if you smell a burning odor while testing your generator (or using it), shut it off immediately and schedule an appointment with a repair person.

Test on Your Own

One of the best ways to assess whether or not a problem has developed is to test your generator every 3 months. Simply turn it on and let it run for 10-15; while it’s running, inspect the outside and stay aware of any strange noises or odors.

And if you’re in need of professional generator service in the Wilmette area, give Malek Heating & Cooling a call today.

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