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Don’t Forget Maintenance for Your Generator This Fall

We’ve already talked a bit this season about the importance of scheduling heating maintenance in preparation for winter. You definitely don’t want to get caught without a working heater during a cold Illinois winter. But there’s another important maintenance job you should take care of this fall. A heating system won’t work without electricity (even a modern gas furnace uses some electrical power), so make certain that the whole-house generator that protects your home’s electrical system during a power outage is also ready for storm season.

The Importance of Generator Maintenance

A generator is one of those devices that you hope you don’t have to use, but you will certainly be thankful that it’s there when you do need it. However, a generator that you can’t trust to turn on when the time comes is almost useless. After all, one of the huge benefits of a generator is that it gives you peace of mind that should a long-term power outage strike your home, you and your family will have the electricity you need to make it through the blackout period.

Because generators don’t receive use during most years, they can start to deteriorate. This makes it very important that they receive annual maintenance to test their readiness and see that all their electrical connections are tight, motors lubricated, and other components in top shape. For generators that run off heating oil, such as liquid propane, maintenance will see that the fuel has not gone stale and lost its energy. If it is, the technician will replace the fuel.

What if I Don’t Have a Generator?

Then you should have one installed this fall. A generator is one of the most useful back-up systems you can have for a home—especially if there are household members who depend on powered electrical equipment. Call our generator experts and they will find the ideal size and type of generator to serve your specific power requirements.

Malek Heating & Cooling offers generator maintenance and generator installation in Skokie, IL.

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