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Keep Your Ductless Mini Split in Tip-Top Condition


Your ductless mini split is absolutely amazing! The efficiency is extraordinary. It provides both cooling all summer and heating when the weather gets cold. It was probably one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

But once you’ve made an investment like that, you want to make sure you get as much out of it as you can. You want that efficiency to stay that high. You want the system to last as long as possible. How can you keep your ductless mini split in tip-top condition, performing perfectly at peak efficiency for many years? Follow these tips.

Change Your Air Filters

Your mini split system includes multiple air handlers throughout your home. Each one of these contains an air filter. This prevents dust and particles from gumming up the works inside the air handler. But if it gets too clogged, all the dust and particles will block airflow. This can lead to inefficiency, poor performance, and even compressor strain.

Mini split air filters are reusable. Simply turn off the system and remove the air filters from each air handler. Wash and dry them gently. Slide them back into place and turn the system back on. The filters will occasionally need to be replaced, but if you clean them every couple of weeks, they should last around a year.

Get Professional Maintenance Twice a Year

Yes, while a traditional air conditioner only requires maintenance once per year, you should have your mini split maintained in both spring and fall, because it functions as a heating system as well as an air conditioner. Professional maintenance will keep all the components of the system in pristine condition.

  • The Coils: These will be cleaned and meticulously inspected, because a refrigerant leak is a leading cause of inefficiency. As long as a leak is found promptly, it can be repaired and the refrigerant refilled.
  • The Motors: These need to be cleaned as well, and also lubricated so the moving parts will glide together with as little friction as possible. This prevents overheating and wear and tear. If the motors struggle, it will cause a lot of strain to the most important and most costly component: the compressor. You definitely don’t want to damage that, so maintenance is critical.
  • The Electrical Components: These need to be tested to make sure they’re drawing the correct amount of power and that all the connections are secure. This also includes checking that the thermostats are accurately calibrated.

Get Repairs Promptly

If you do notice anything wrong with your Mitsubishi split system in Winnetka, IL, prompt repairs can ensure that problems stay small and will be quick and easy to fix. Allowing problems to continue can lead to inefficiency and major breakdowns. Get help right away if you notice strange sounds or smells, poor performance, or any moisture dripping from the air handlers.

By taking these steps, you’ll get the best performance and efficiency from your investment for many years.

Contact ServiceMax with any questions about your mini split.

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