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Even If You Have Ducts, You Can Still Find Uses for a Ductless Mini Split


It’s been around fifty years since new homes in the US started to be built with ductwork as one of the standard home systems. This was when central air conditioning started to be very popular. So unless you live in a home that’s more than half a century old, chances are good that your house has ductwork. So why would you want to know about ductless HVAC systems?

There are some major advantages to ductless systems, and one of them is that their versatility means you might want one even if you have ductwork. We’ll explain some situations that would be perfect for a ductless system even in a home with ducts.

Damaged Ductwork

A shocking 30% of your precious, expensive conditioned air could be lost due to inefficiency of ductwork. Sometimes it’s as simple as older ductwork slowly deteriorating. Sometimes the ductwork has been directly damaged by something such as pests or home renovations. If your ductwork has a specific problem in just one area, repairs are definitely possible. But if the damage extends to multiple parts of your home, you might start to wonder if repairs are worth the investment. Should you replace all your ductwork instead? Or should you perhaps consider a ductless system?


If you’re changing the orientation of your whole kitchen, for example, or combining smaller rooms to make a larger one, you may find that your project would require extensive alterations to your ductwork. Rather than choosing between your ideal design and one that works easily with your ducts, you could add a Mitsubishi mini split in Evanston, IL to provide the climate control your amazing new space needs.


It’s common, when a family or home business is causing a house to practically bulge at the seams, to add another room or group of rooms to the house. Even if you did add ductwork, the additional space would likely translate to your AC system being undersized and straining to cool the whole home. Adding a small ductless system allows your air conditioner to keep operating easily while keeping your home addition cool and comfortable.

Repurposing Spaces

Your garage or attic is another area you might be eyeing when you start to think your house is too small. Enclosing that as living space is much simpler than building an addition! But it was never intended to be used that way, so it does not have ductwork. Again, a ductless mini split could save the day. 

Evening Out the Temperature

Sometimes, the layout of a home makes it hard for a central AC system to keep the whole house at an even temperature. If you have hot spots, you don’t have to choose between letting them stay hot and making the rest of the house too cold. A ductless system could provide the additional cooling boost you need to keep your whole home at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

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