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Your Air Conditioner Won’t Last Forever: 3 Signs You Should Replace It

It would be wonderful if a home’s air conditioning system never needed to retire. In fact, many people treat their AC as if it will continue to perform its important function until the end of time (or until they move out of their home). But like any mechanical system that does an enormous amount of work, an air conditioner will eventual age to the point where it is too worn to effectively do its job and it must be replaced. Below are three major indications to watch for that will tell you it’s time to call HVAC professionals and arrange to have a new air conditioning system installed.

ONE: Electrical bills rising without stop

If an AC receives the routine yearly maintenance it’s supposed to, it should retain 95% of its efficiency through its lifetime. When it reaches the end of its lifetime, the wear on components will take their toll and the system will cost more and more to run each month. If your electric bills during the summer are rising and nothing seems to reverse the trend, the fault probably lies with the old air conditioner. Replacing it with an efficient new unit is the best long-term option.

TWO: Expensive repairs/too many repairs

Most of the repairs that an air conditioner may need will occur during the last two years of its service life. When you find that you are scheduling more than one repair a year to keep the AC running, it’s probably close to the end. If any single repair would cost half the price of replacing the air conditioner, replacement is the better option.

THREE: Extremely loud operation

A single odd noise from an AC is an indication that it needs a specific repair. But when noises are constant during normal operation, it means that the air conditioner has deteriorated to the point where it should be retired. You can always call an HVAC technician for an informed opinion.

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