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Why Bad AC Sizing Is a Problem


Improper sizing is already annoying in the most common situations, such as when you are trying to buy clothes. But it is an even bigger issue when it involves your air conditioner. AC sizing has to do with cooling your home, and having this aspect of your installation done wrong will cost you time and money.

When you work with a professional for your AC installation in Chicago, IL, it ensures that your AC is sized right from the start. But what happens if the sizing is done incorrectly?

What Does AC Size Mean?

When we mention sizing for your AC, we aren’t talking about the physical space it takes up. What this term refers to is the amount of power a system uses up to cool a house. Measured in tons, the size of your AC lets you know if it can appropriately cool the space within your home.

Example: If you have a 2,000-square-foot home, you need an air conditioner that is 3 to 3.5 tons.

The Two Types of Bad AC Sizing: Too Big and Too Little

Air conditioner sizing is something you want done right. But there are misconceptions about trying to size a system too large or too small in order to save money. We want to address why approaching sizing this way does the exact opposite and costs you far more while simultaneously ruining your comfort

The Consequences of an Oversized AC

All too often we encounter the idea that sizing an air conditioner bigger than it needs to be for a home is going to make it more effective. While oversizing an AC will allow it to produce more cold air than a smaller system, it will create comfort and energy issues.

When your air conditioner is oversized, it will produce cold air much faster. However, this will lead to it cooling the air immediately around the system much faster too. As a result, your AC may start to short cycle, shutting itself off early, which strains the system and can lead to additional damage and a shortened lifespan. What’s more, it will often still leave your house uncomfortable.

The Impact of an Undersized AC

Let’s explore the other side of the spectrum and look at the problems that can arise from an undersized air conditioner. Sizing your AC unit too small will make it nearly impossible for the system to produce enough cool air to properly cool off your home. This will, first and foremost, destroy your comfort level. Secondly, it may lead to your system running for excessively long periods of time to try to get the job done, which eats up energy and wears down the system much faster.

Go to the Experts for Proper System Sizing

As you can see, getting your air conditioner sized correctly is highly important. Proper sizing can define how your system performs over the course of its lifespan and can also affect how long that lifespan is!

Make sure this measurement is done correctly by talking to a professional AC technician to get the job done. A pro is trained on what factors to take into account and how to do the math to make sure that your AC is sized just right for your home.

Contact ServiceMax for expert AC installation and sizing.

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