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When Is the Best Time to Call for Air Conditioning Repair?

Malfunctions with an air conditioning system are not always easy to detect (unless you are a trained HVAC professional). A slight drop in the cooling levels in one of the rooms, a hissing sound from the outdoor condenser unit, an uptick in electrical bills when the AC is running, and water condensation around the indoor unit are all small indications that something is wrong with a residential air conditioner. There are larger and more obvious signs, of course, such as loud grinding sounds, constant short-cycling, or a system that won’t turn on at all.

So when is it finally time to dial a professional repair company to take care of an AC that is on the fritz? That’s an easy question to answer…

Call right now!

You should never delay when it comes to air conditioning repair as soon as you have some awareness of a problem with the system, no matter how large or how small. Some of the “small” warnings, such as the hissing noise, can indicate major problems that will quickly become dire problems if not professionally treated. (In the case of the hissing sound, it probably means escaping refrigerant, a situation that can lead to busted compressor if it isn’t repaired.)

Air conditioning malfunctions tend to be progressive; that is, they start to spread and create further issues throughout the system. A single problem will not stay contained, but even that single problem will lead to wasteful performance. Large or small, all repair needs in an AC require immediate attention so you will have the best assurances that the system will continue to work—and work efficiently—for many years.

Make sure that you have a number on hand of an experienced and reliable HVAC service that can reach you 24-hours a day when you need air conditioning repair. Malek Heating & Cooling can serve your AC repair needs in Skokie, IL.

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