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Tips for Keeping Your AC Healthy Through the End of Summer

Air conditioning systems perform the most work during the tail end of summer. Temperatures are still high during August, often hotter than they were in July, and the air conditioner already has a large amount of stress accumulated from steady work since May. As the end of summer approaches, we recommend that you takes steps to help your home’s air conditioner continue to work at its best and avoid malfunctions—even breakdowns.

Change the air filter!

We bring this up often, because it is a maintenance job that’s 100% necessary for proper air conditioning performance, but also one that people easily forget to do. Depending on the filter type, it needs to be changed (or cleaned if it’s a permanent filter) every 1 to 4 months. That means you’ll have to swap out the filter at least once during the summer. If you haven’t done this yet for the season, now is the time!

Lessen the AC stress with “fan only” mode

It’s important to practice restraint with the thermostat so that it isn’t set at extremely low temperatures (such as 60°F) that place tremendous strain on the AC’s compressor. An even better way to lessen the load on your air conditioner is to let it operate in “fan only” mode during cooler periods such as the early evening. Blowing air around the rooms creates the same sensation as ceiling fans, helping people feel cooler. Fan only mode doesn’t require the air conditioner’s compressor to run, and this significantly reduces wear and tear.

Clear the area around the outdoor cabinet

Check around the condenser cabinet of your air conditioner to see if there are plants, shrubs, rocks, or other debris too close to it. These obstructions can restrict how well the AC releases heat to the outside and make the system too hot. This debris might also enter the cabinet and damage components such as the fan and the motors

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