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The Overheating Air Conditioner: How to Prevent It

thermometer-going-redAn overheating air conditioner is a tragic story. Your AC has only one goal: to make you feel cool and happy. Your AC will stop at nothing to achieve this, even if it means burning itself out in the process.

Overheating occurs when one or more of the AC’s components are not working the way they’re supposed to. The system will work extra to compensate for the damaged components, and that will lead to excess energy consumption followed by overheating. If you’re lucky, overheating will do no more than trip your circuit breaker. If you’re not so lucky, your AC will do its best before sadly breaking down.

Overheating can be prevented with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Below are some of the first services a professional HVAC contractor will perform to keep your AC from overheating.

Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter can clog your unit, forcing the AC to run longer. You can easily prevent this by replacing your air filter once a month. This is one of the only DIY tasks that you can do for your air conditioner.

Keep the Condenser Coils Clean

The condenser coil is located in the outdoor unit, and its job is to dispel heat outside your home. It’s pertinent that the condenser coil can perform this function.

When the coil is dirty, however, it will act as an insulator, keeping the heat inside. Meanwhile, your AC will be working tirelessly to reach the low temperature setting on your thermostat. It’s a vicious cycle that will eventually force your system to overheat.

Check for Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is never supposed to run out. The amount of refrigerant in the system (what’s known as its “charge”) is the perfect amount. So the only way you’ll ever have low refrigerant is if there’s a leak, or if it was improperly charged at the time of installation. Leaks don’t fix themselves, of course, so it will only continue to leak more refrigerant as time goes on.

Refrigerant is crucial to the function of the AC; the unit will work double-time to move the remaining refrigerant through the system. It’s also a huge issue for your AC, so don’t hesitate to call for air conditioning repair in Des Plaines, IL at the first sign of a leak.

Clean the Fan Blades

The fan blades in your system are meant to work as efficiently as possible. Too much excess dust and dirt will add extra weight, making it harder for the blades move. The motor will be forced to work over-time for several hours a day and will soon contribute to a burn-out. A simple cleaning of the fan’s blades should prevent any problems.

Consider the Unit’s Age

In the summer, your unit will naturally have to work a little harder than usual. AC units are prepared to work in the heat, of course, but a system that has gone through years of loyal service might be susceptible to overheating.

If you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance, your system might be suffering from a little more wear and tear than it should at its current age. A unit that’s not in top shape will naturally have trouble adapting to the high standards it was originally rated for.

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