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Air Conditioning Tips for When You Hold a Party

The air conditioning systems installed for homes are designed to handle the comfort needs of a small number of people. If the AC in your house received a proper professional installation, it will be matched to the comfort requirements of your family so that it can perform efficiently for energy savings throughout the summer.

However, there will be occasional times when you have a large amount of people in your home at one time, such as a party. Now you can’t go purchase a more powerful air conditioning system just for the event! You’ll need to take a few steps to help the air conditioner manage the increase in warm bodies and the larger amount of humidity. This will help see that everyone stays comfortable at your social event.

ONE: Make sure the air conditioning doesn’t have repair problems

It’s vital that you know your AC is in good shape and won’t breakdown during the strain it will undergo as it runs for hours keeping your house cool. Make sure that the system has had its annual maintenance check, and call for repair technicians if the AC has displayed any signs of a malfunction or unusual behavior recently (odd sounds, short-cycling, ice on the coil, etc.).

TWO: Run the AC during for a few days before to remove humidity

High humidity is a major problem during parties, because each person’s exhalations raises the moisture levels. To combat the humidity rise, try to remove as much of the moisture already in the floors, walls, and furnishings by having the air conditioner run more often during the days before. It’s even better if you have a whole-house dehumidifier installed.

THREE: Turn the system on early before the party

Have the air conditioning running a few hours before your first guests arrive. Lower the temperature 5°F below your normal comfort level. This might seem chilly, but the people in your house will raise the temperature by that much quite quickly!

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