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A Few Air Conditioning Problems to Watch for at the End of the Summer

Summer is coming to an end, although we can still expect some lingering heat through the early autumn. The air conditioning system in your home has probably spent most of this last season working hard, and all that stress and wear could possibly cause the system to break down. During these final weeks of hot weather, make sure that you pay close attention to some of the warning signs that your AC is having trouble. (And don’t wait to have any problems fixed in the spring! The sooner repairs are done, the less expensive they will be.)

  • Ice appearing on the indoor coil: There are a number of issues in an air conditioner that may cause ice to start to develop along the evaporator coil. It could be leaking refrigerant, dirt collecting along the coil, or a clogged air filter. Whatever the cause, you need professionals to the fix the source of the problem and defrost the coil.
  • Over-strained motors: If dust and dirt contamination enter the air conditioner’s cabinets during the summer, they will start to cover the motors that run the fans and the compressor. This will put mechanical stress on them that could eventually cause them to burn out. If you hear mechanical grinding or screeching sounds from the AC, it could be a failing motor. Call for repairs.
  • Dying capacitors: If the air conditioner starts making clicking noises when the compressor or the fans come on, it often indicates that the capacitors are dying. Capacitors are electrical components that are responsible for transmitting electrical charge to the motors to start them and keep the running. When capacitors fail, the motors will not be able to run. Technicians can replace failed capacitors.

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