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4 Signs to Know for When Your AC Needs Repairs


Can you believe it won’t be long before you’re using your air conditioner again? Before the cooling season starts, it might be helpful to have some more information about keeping your air conditioner happy. You definitely don’t want it to break down just when you need it the most! Noticing a problem early can mean a quick, simple repair, while failing to notice a problem or allowing a struggling air conditioner to keep running without repair can mean doing more damage and having your AC unit completely stop working.

What are the most important things to watch out for, so you can get your air conditioner repaired promptly? Here are four signs you might spot.

1: Strange Noises

Your air conditioner will never be silent, but you should only hear the hum of the compressor and the whir of the fan. Any other sounds can indicate a problem. Hissing can happen when refrigerant is leaking from a damaged coil. Rattling could mean the fan is loose or off-kilter. A boom when the cooling cycle begins is called hard starting, and indicates that the compressor is struggling. A whistle might come from a seal that’s not fitting tightly. A squeal is a sign of trouble with the belt. And clicking could mean there’s an electrical problem. Any time your air conditioner makes an unexpected noise, it’s time for air conditioning repair in Chicago.

2: Insufficient or Uneven Cooling

If you feel like your house just isn’t getting as cool as it should, or if parts of your house are being cooled satisfactorily while other parts stay too hot, it’s time for repairs. Something is causing the cooling capacity of the AC unit to drop. It may be that there’s a leak in your ductwork allowing some of the cooled air to escape before it reaches your vents. It may be that something is overheating, such as the fan motor, and warming the air even as the air conditioner is trying to cool it.

3: Short Cycling

AC cycles are meant to last 15 or even 20 minutes. If you hear your compressor starting and stopping every few minutes, it’s called short cycling. Not only is this a sign that something needs to be repaired—perhaps that overheating fan motor is causing the system to keep shutting down and trying again—it’s also a possible cause of many other problems. It puts a lot of strain on the system and makes your energy usage go way up, so make sure to have it addressed promptly.

4: Frequent Thermostat Adjustments

Your air conditioner should be able to keep a steady temperature regardless of the outdoor temperature, and you shouldn’t need to adjust the thermostat to be comfortable. If you do find that your home’s temperature is inconsistent, there may be a problem with your air conditioner. However, it could simply indicate a problem with the thermostat. Make sure it isn’t set to any pre-programmed vacation settings or for some other reason trying to keep your home at a different temperature than you desire, and try replacing the batteries. If the problem isn’t resolved, it’s time for repairs. 

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