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No Cool Air from the AC? 4 Reasons Why!


It’s May, and chances are that you’re already getting some use from your air conditioning system in Wilmette, IL. It may be only a few days during the week for short stretches—we aren’t fully done with the cool weather yet—but it will be enough for you to tell if something major is wrong with the air conditioner. For example, you’ll know when the air coming from room vents isn’t cool when the AC is running.

Obviously, a cooling system that doesn’t actually cool is not much use to you. It’s just acting like a big fan, and that doesn’t help when temperatures climb. There are a number of possibilities for why an air conditioner will lose its cooling power. Some are simple errors that you can correct yourself. Others are more complicated and will require HVAC technicians to diagnose and correct them. And some are serious trouble that place your AC in danger of a major failure, possibly even an early replacement, unless professionally fixed as soon as possible.

Here are 4 reasons for your AC only sending out warm air and what to do about them:

ONE: Incorrect thermostat settings

You might think this is too obvious. However, more than once we’ve gone on service calls and found the trouble was someone else in the house changing the thermostat settings (or just fiddling around with them). If the thermostat is set too high or to “fan only” mode, the AC won’t provide cooling.

TWO: Tripped circuit breaker to the outside unit

If the circuit breaker to the indoor unit of an AC trips, the fan won’t turn on at all, a major warning something is wrong. But if the breaker for the circuit to the outdoor unit trips, the indoor fan and other components will still run, but there won’t be any cooling because the compressor outside isn’t running. Check to see if any circuits have tripped in the electrical panel. Reset them and see if this solves the trouble. If the circuit repeatedly trips, call for professionals to investigate.

THREE: Leaking refrigerant

Now we’re getting to the more serious troubles that require HVAC repair technicians. Refrigerant is essential for an AC to remove heat from the air and provide cooling. Refrigerant won’t run out—but it can leak out, and this is a common trouble in air conditioners around the middle of their lifespan (4 to 6 years). When refrigerant levels drop, the AC can lose its cooling ability. Worse, this places the compressor in danger of overheating and burning out, which is a big repair and often a reason to replace the entire air conditioner.

FOUR: Stuck compressor

The compressor is the heart of an AC; it places refrigerant under pressure to start the cooling cycle. If the compressor stops working, there won’t be any cooling. A compressor can become stuck because its motor burns out, its start capacitor fails, or dirt and strain on its moving parts cause it to wear out. Only professionals are qualified to work on broken compressors, and you’ll want them on the job in a hurry to prevent more serious repair issues.

Rely on our technicians—we offer 24-hour emergency service—when you have an air conditioner that isn’t doing its job.

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