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Signs You May Need to Replace Your Water Heater

Modern water heater manufacturers construct their products to last. But of course they cannot make them invincible: no mechanical device can endure forever, and wear and tear will eventually lead to the need to replace it. The water heater that delivers hot water to the taps and appliances in your home—from showerheads to washing machines—will at some point need a professional to remove it and put a new system in its place.

How will you know that you should pick up that phone and contact technicians to arrange for water heater replacement? Below, we’ve listed a few of the more major indicators to watch for:

  • Extreme age: Often, the best warning sign comes from the basic age of the system. Check on the water heater’s cabinet and locate the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. Has your water heater already passed this benchmark? If so, then you should consider having it replaced before it starts to enter a decline… which will probably start soon.
  • Reduced water volume: When a water heater no longer produces the same amount of hot water that it once did—something you will notice when people start going with lukewarm showers in the morning—that usually means it has entered into its final decline. Check with a professional for advice about whether or not you should schedule a replacement.
  • Corrosion: The reaction between water, metal, and oxygen that creates corrosion presents the biggest threat to a water heater. Modern water heaters have safeguards to prevent rust and corrosion, but even they will eventually fail. If you detect corrosion on the tank of the water heater, you should schedule a replacement.
  • Elevated bills: A malfunction in a water heater can create a spike in power bills. But when bills continue to rise month after month, and repairs and maintenance don’t seem to reverse the trend, then the drop in efficiency indicates a permanent decline.

Malek Heating & Cooling offers water heater replacement services in Wilmette, IL and throughout the Chicagoland area.

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