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Replace Your Old Water Heater with a Tankless Water Heater

No water heater will last forever, no matter how well-constructed it is or how much regular maintenance and care it receives. Eventually, the contact of water and metal as well as the wear on components such as the circulator pump and the heat exchanger will make the system so repair-prone that replacement is the best option. It’s better to have this job done soon… or you could end up losing the water heater entirely.

Time to consider a tankless water heater

If your old storage tank water heater is finally at the conclusion of its useful service, then you may at first think to have it replaced with a similar model. That may be the best choice for some home, but not all. In many cases, the right option is to have a tankless water heater put in as a replacement.

These types of water heaters have become the new standard in Europe, and they continue to gain in popularity in the U.S., and for many good reasons:

  • They don’t run out of hot water! Because tankless water heaters heat up water through a heat exchanger only when there is a demand for hot water, there’s no supply to be depleted. You won’t have to worry about people in your house going with cold showers.
  • They can save you a lot of money off your energy bills. Since a tankless system only uses energy when there’s a need for hot water, they use far less power than a storage tank, which must keep the water temperature maintained. Tankless systems also don’t suffer from standby heat loss.
  • They have long lifespans. With even fewer moving parts than storage tank water heaters and much less wear and tear because of the reduced energy use, you can expect extra years of service from a tankless water heater.

Although tankless systems do cost more to initially install, you can see that their advantages will quickly pay back that cost, and then provide a lengthy service life to enjoy the many other benefits. Talk to professionals today to learn more about the possibility of installing a tankless water heater.

Malek Heating & Cooling provides water heater replacement services, including tankless water heaters, in Wilmette, IL.

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