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You Can Still Schedule Heating Maintenance for the Season

And in fact, you should if you didn’t have it done in the fall. It’s always preferable to arrange to have professionals inspect, clean, and generally tune-up your home’s heating system before the winter cold arrives. But if you forgot or didn’t have time during the fall to arrange the visit, don’t decide to skip it for the year and wait until next fall! This is a vital service for your household, even at a later date, for the following reasons:

  • Safety: This is main reason that better-late-than-never is the right philosophy when it comes to heating maintenance. And it is particularly true if you use a gas-powered furnace or boiler for your home comfort, since leaks in the gas line or heat exchangers can become health hazards. Maintenance always makes special checks on the components of a heater that can create safety issues, and finds if any parts need repairs or replacements.
  • Catastrophic breakdown prevention: During the coldest days and nights of the year is when a heating system will be under the most strain—and therefore the most likely time it will break down! You don’t want to be caught with a malfunctioning heater during the sharpest cold of the season, waiting for repairs to reach you. Maintenance serves as protection against this. With plenty of winter still left to go, it’s a good idea to have your heating system ready to face it.
  • Keep heating bills under control: It isn’t inexpensive to heat a home during an Illinois winter. But if you have a heating system that misses out on its annual inspection and tune-up, you’ll pay more than you need to, with an average efficiency decline in the heater of 5% per year. Make sure your bills don’t inflate and have maintenance done while winter is still here.

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