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How to Decide Between Electric and Gas Furnaces

It’s a good thing to have options, especially when it comes to whole-home systems, but sometimes the choices can be confusing, overwhelming or both. When it comes to choosing a furnace in Skokie, IL, homeowners have two main choices: electric or natural gas. Each can heat your home sufficiently, but choosing one will depend on your needs, the available resources of your home and your preferences. One of the best ways to ensure that you choose the right heating system for your home is to work with an expert. The trained and certified specialists at Malek Heating & Cooling can help you with any furnace installation from start to finish. If you are ready for a new heater, call us today!

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces have come a long way over the years. While they were once considered to be inefficient, they have since become some of the most efficient furnaces available. Additionally, they have a slightly longer lifespan than combustion furnaces.

Electric furnaces work by generating heat from a component called a heating element. This component has a number of tightly-wound metal coils that, when electrified, become red-hot and generate heat. Once the air around the heating element has reached the right temperature, the furnace’s fan turns on and blows air over the heating element and pushes the warmed air into your home via ductwork.

One of the biggest benefits of an electric furnace is that it doesn’t require any kind of fossil fuel for operation. Not all homes have access to a natural gas line, so this can be an important factor to consider.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are some of the most common heating systems around, making them very easy to repair and replace as parts are readily available. Additionally, the convenience of fueling via a gas line means you’ll have a constant flow of fuel for your heating system. Gas furnaces provide heat for your home via combustion; an element known as the burner heats another element known as the heat exchanger. As with an electric furnace, once the air around the heat exchanger reaches the right temperature, the warm air is blown into your home. Gas is the cleanest-burning of all the fossil fuels, making them the most environmentally friendly.

Which Is Best for You?

First, you need to see if you have the availability of a gas line in close proximity to your home; if not, you may have to consider an electric furnace. Second, you’ll want to consider your preferences: some people prefer the quick, efficient heating of a gas furnace while others may want to stay away from fossil fuels. Your furnace will be with you a long time, so if you need help in choosing a new furnace for your home, make an appointment with the experts you can count on: Malek Heating & Cooling.

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