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Furnaces vs. Boilers: What Is the Best Choice for a New Home?

The type of heating system put into a home is often limited by the home’s construction. For example, a house that has a ventilation network of ducts in the walls and floors will benefit from having a forced-air system (such as a furnace or heat pump) that attaches to ductwork. In homes that lack ductwork, a boiler is often an excellent choice for heat distribution.

But what if you are planning new home construction? In that case, the field for a new heater installation is wide open. If you’re trying to find the right choice between a boiler and a furnace—two of the most popular options when it comes to home heating—we have some advice that might help you. However, you must have professionals involved in the installation process, and they will assist you with making the best choice.

Why Choose a Furnace?

Furnaces are the most common type of heating system in the country because of their flexibility (nearly every home can be matched with a furnace of some kind) and their sheer heating power. No matter how cold it may get outside in January, a gas-powered furnace can deliver the heat a household needs for comfort. Gas powered furnaces are also fuel-efficient, and they don’t have any water pipes that might freeze during the winter.

Why Choose a Boiler?

Although a boiler may not be able to match a furnace for pure heating capability, it has some major advantages. Boilers have longer service lives and extremely high efficiency ratings because water is a more effective transference medium for heat than air. Boilers also supply heat without the need for space-eating ductwork, and their radiant heating power creates a very even distribution of warmth through a room.

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