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ALL Heating Systems Need Maintenance!

During the fall, we make a major effort to stress with our customers and potential customers the importance of arranging for heating maintenance before winter cold arrives. And as you can probably guess from the calendar, winter is not that far away. If you haven’t yet arranged for your annual heating maintenance, right now is the time to jump on it. It’s easy: you only have to call us and ask about our Residential Maintenance Agreements.

Here’s something we need to stress: ­all types of heating systems require these pre-winter inspections.


Most people understand that furnaces must have regular inspections each year to take care of jobs like cleaning the burners. But too often people simply take the furnace’s operation for granted. Please don’t! A furnace is not only at risk of breaking down without maintenance, it can even develop safety hazards.


Boilers have fewer moving parts than forced-air heating systems, and that helps to prolong their lifespan. And it cuts down on repair issues as well. But this shouldn’t trick you into thinking that your home’s boiler doesn’t need annual maintenance. Boilers can develop issues with corrosion and sediment build-up in the tank without routine inspections and tune-ups. And gas boilers present the same possible safety risks as gas furnaces unless they’re inspected annually.

Radiant systems

Like boilers, radiant systems require few repairs and can last for many years. But they run off hydronic systems that can encounter the same issues as boilers that go without annual maintenance. You also want to see that any leaks in the pipes are caught before they cause building damage.

And yes, heat pumps too!

Heat pumps are both air conditioners and heaters—and even though they are single systems, they must receive maintenance twice a year to take care of both their functions. The amount of work stress a heat pump undergoes in summer can mean serious trouble in winter unless it’s tuned-up.

Malek Heating & Cooling is here to service your heating maintenance needs in Evanston, IL and throughout Chicagoland.

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