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3 Furnace Warning Signs as Cold Weather Starts

‘Tis November, and that means the winter is just looking over the edge of the calendar. The colder weather is already starting as temperatures routinely drop down into the 50s. Much worse is coming, of course, but this is a time when you can expect to start running your gas furnace on a regular basis. And it’s also a time to pay close attention to how it runs. If there are any minor issues with it during the early season, you want to have them repaired before the extreme cold hits and HVAC technicians have crammed schedule. Early repairs will also help stop an emergency when the furnace stops working altogether on a freezing cold day.

3 Major Warning Signs to Watch for from Your Furnace

  1. Cold spots around the home: The next time you have the furnace running, take a tour of your house and all the rooms that are hooked to the furnace through ventilation ducts. Do the rooms feel as if they are all receiving the same level of comfort, or at least the comfort you expect? If you do run into a cold spot where you don’t anticipate one, it could mean a number of problems—and furnace problems are ones to look into.
  2. Odd noises: If you’ve used your furnace for a few seasons already, you probably know what to expect from it when it comes to sounds. If a new sound starts to emerge, it often means trouble. These sounds include clicking, grinding, and booming as the gas burner starts up. Have a professional inspect the furnace to find the problem.
  3. Unpleasant odors from the vents: The first time a furnace comes on for the season, it will send out acrid odors from the vents. This is simply dust burning off the heat exchanger and isn’t a cause for concern. But if these odors continue, or crop up again, there may be an overheated motor in the furnace that requires attention.

Allow the heating professionals at Malek Heating & Cooling to repair your furnace so you can enjoy a comfortable winter in Skokie, IL.

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