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Ways You Can Stay Cool This Summer—And Give Your AC a Break!

The cost to run an air conditioner during the summer can be pretty steep. However, it usually doesn’t have to be as high as it is. Aside from making sure that your AC is well-maintained so it doesn’t waste energy (schedule professional maintenance ever year to take care of this!) there are a number of other ways you can help to lower your electrical bills while staying cool over the next few months.

Keep the shades and blinds down

The radiant energy of the sun will come in through your windows, raising the indoor temperature. Even a moderately warm day will become stuffy and hot inside if the sun is shining right through the windows. Keep shades lowered over windows, especially south- and west-facing windows.

Cool down your body with plenty of liquids

Maintaining a cool temperature isn’t just about finding ways to lower the temperature of the air. You should also find ways to lower your body’s temperature. Drink plenty of cold liquids, and have ice cubes handy.

A bowl of ice + a fan = low cost cooling

Here’s an easy trick for lowering the temperature in one location. Take those ice cubes (as we mentioned above, it’s good to have them handy) and place them in a bowl. Place the bowl beneath an electric fan. Presto! Instant evaporative cooling.

Place wet sheets over windows

Here’s a form of air conditioning that goes back to the ancient Egyptians. Wet down a sheet and then hang it over an open window. This will remove heat from the air coming inside and provide a cool breeze.

Turn the lights off

Unless you have LED lightbulbs installed throughout your home, having lights turned on will generate extra heat. Only keep lights on that you absolutely need.

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