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Here’s Why Low Refrigerant in an Air Conditioner Is a Serious Problem

The air conditioning that keeps your home cool during the summers uses a chemical blend called refrigerant to run. This is what allows the AC to carry out the process of heat exchange: the refrigerant absorbs heat from inside your house through evaporation, and then releases the heat to the outside through condensation.

There is something very important you need to know about refrigerant: it isn’t something your air conditioner “uses up.” It doesn’t work like gasoline for a car or natural gas for a furnace. The refrigerant inside the AC won’t dissipate as it goes through heat exchange, and it should remain at the same level (known as its charge) as long as you have your AC. If the charge drops because of a leak, your air conditioner will encounter major problems. At the first sign that your air conditioner is losing cooling power, call for repair technicians.

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There are a number of reasons that low refrigerant is bad news for an AC and needs professional repairs right away:

  • Drop in cooling power: Without the right level of refrigerant, the air conditioner will not be able to absorb the amount of heat from inside your home necessary to reach the cooling level you expect.
  • Ice along the coils: The refrigerant that moves through the evaporator coil will not warm up enough because of its reduced amount; the remaining refrigerant will stay too cold and begin to freeze water moisture along the coils, which will further restrict heat exchange.
  • Damage to the compressor: This is the most serious problem low refrigerant may trigger. The change in pressure in the air conditioner because of loss of charge will place extra stress on the compressor, leading to it rapidly wearing down. The compressor may also overheat because of the lower amount of refrigerant. A burnt-out compressor is the most expensive repair an air conditioner may require, so you must have low refrigerant fixed as soon as possible.

Malek Heating & Cooling has taken care of air conditioning repairs since 1998. Give us a call when you need help with your home cooling. If your AC has lost charge, we will seal up the leaks and recharge the refrigerant to the right level.

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