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3 Odd Noises from an Air Conditioner: What They May Mean

Whenever any mechanical device starts to make noises that are out of the ordinary, it usually means it’s malfunctioning and needs repairs (or in some cases a replacement). The air conditioning system that cools your home over the summer is no exception. Sounds that you aren’t used to hearing are a wake-up call to contact professionals for repairs. Below are three strange noises you may hear from a faulty AC and what they probably mean.

I. Hissing

This is a subtler noise than some of the mechanical clanging you might encounter from an air conditioner. But it is still a major warning sign. The most likely reason for this sound is refrigerant gas escaping from a leak in the lines or a loose connection. Loss of refrigerant will impair the system’s ability to cool and will eventually lead to catastrophic damage to the compressor.

II. Clanging

A loud noise that sounds like metal striking metal is something that’s hard to ignore—and you shouldn’t ignore it. A number of loose mechanical parts could create this sound, but the most likely culprit is bent fan blades in either the outdoor fan or the indoor blower. Turn off your AC entirely when you hear this type of sound to avoid further damage, and call for repairs right away.

III. Grinding/screeching

These are the sounds of dirty and/or dying motors. Dirt along the bearings or worn down bearings are often responsible for the screeching sound. The grinding often warns of a motor on the verge of burning out. Technicians can sometimes repair the motors, but often they will need to outright replace them.

Important: Do not try to diagnose what is wrong with the air conditioner on your own. We’ve listed these sounds as guidelines to help you know when you AC needs repair work—but professionals must handle the actual repairs.

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