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Electric Furnaces in Skokie, IL

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Electric furnaces are a wonderful alternative to homeowners that don’t have access, or don’t want access, to natural gas. With the help of pros from ServiceMax, you can get your electric furnace installed, maintained, repaired, or replaced when you need it.

  • All of our furnace services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We operate with complete honesty and transparency for all of our customers.

  • We keep our phone lines open 24/7 for emergency services.

We can provide support on a wide variety of electric furnace systems, and we’re even a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor which shows our knowledge in the field!

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Why Consider an Electric Furnace?

An electric furnace works on the basic principle of resistance heating: inside the cabinet of the furnace, a series of heating elements turn on whenever the thermostat requests warmth. The more heat the thermostat requests, the more elements turn on. The electric coils inside the heating elements transfer their heat to the air, and the furnace blower sends this heated air into the ductwork that distributes the warmth to the vents around the home.

Although the natural gas furnaces is the most common type of heating system found in homes today, there are some excellent reasons to consider installing an electric furnace:

  • Electricity is always available: Not every home has a connection to a natural gas line, but almost all homes are hooked up for electricity. This means that an electric furnace is always an option for a house.
  • Increased safety: Electric furnaces do not burn heating oil or natural gas and do not create any potentially hazardous emissions during operation. If you are concerned about carbon monoxide leaks or dangers from combustible fuels, an electric furnace is an excellent alternative that will give you peace of mind.
  • Efficiency: Although electricity is a more expensive energy source than natural gas, the high efficiency levels of current electric furnaces will offset this. Electric furnaces generally have lower initial installation costs as well, and they take up less space.

If you feel on the fence about choosing to install an electric furnace to heat your home, you can always call an experienced HVAC company like ServiceMax and schedule an appointment to look over your options. Professionals can help you weigh the various factors and determine the right heating system to keep your family comfortable through any cold weather.

We Install and Service Electric Furnaces in the Chicagoland Area

Electric furnaces aren’t simple devices like space heaters that just plug into a wall socket. They are complex pieces of machinery that require trained professionals to size and install them, so they work correctly and safely. Make sure that you look for the best technicians available when you need service for an electric furnace.

At ServiceMax, we have many years of experience in the Chicagoland area matching the ideal heating systems to homes, and then installing the new units so they do their job effectively and safely. If you have any questions regarding electric furnaces, you can call our experts and they will be glad to help you, whether you’re curious about how well it will work for your home or if you want to enroll in our regular maintenance program. Call us today to set up an appointment for electric furnace services in Skokie, IL and the surrounding area.

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