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Boiler Repair in Skokie, IL

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Is your boiler making a loud, banging noise? This is what we call “water hammer” and it’s an issue that can occur in a boiler heating system. The pros at ServiceMax can fix this issue along with any other issue you might need help with.

  • All of our boiler services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We operate with complete honesty and transparency for all of our customers.

  • We keep our phone lines open 24/7 for emergency services.

A broken boiler needs to be properly fixed by a professional for it to work properly. We promise that we’ll work to make sure you pay as little as possible for efficient boiler services.

Call ServiceMax for comprehensive boiler repairs that target problems and eliminate them.


Signs That You Need Boiler Repair Service

As with any heating system, one of the first warnings signs that a boiler may require repair work is a loss of comfort or uneven heating in a house. If your boiler no longer meets your expectations for warmth, you should call for trained heating technicians to look into the problem and identify its source. Because a number of different causes can lie behind a boiler’s loss of heating ability (faulty burner, broken heating elements, malfunctioning circulator pump), you need to depend on professionals to hunt down the problem and then apply the correct repairs.

Other common signs of trouble with boilers are strange noises coming from the tank, such as rumbling. Any noise out of the ordinary means that it’s time to call for technicians who can analyze the unusual sounds and find out the necessary repairs to stop the problem.

Although you should expect to see a small amount of water dripping from the pressure relief valve of your boiler, any other signs of water escaping from the system require immediate attention from a technician. Water pooling around the bottom of the tank or dripping from connectors can point to a number of different repair issues that can threaten to ruin the boiler unless they receive skilled repair work.

Keep a close watch on your heating bills: they are an early warning indicator that a boiler is struggling with a repair problem. An abrupt spike in heating costs can point toward a malfunction in the boiler that is forcing the system to work harder to reach its target temperature. You may not notice any change in comfort level (yet), but the overworking boiler will continue to drain excess energy until it receives professional targeted repairs.

Schedule Boiler Repair in Skokie, IL with ServiceMax

If you ignore the warning signs that your boiler needs attention from repair technicians, the malfunctioning heater will continue to waste energy and put your home at risk of losing its warmth entirely. The longer you neglect a repair issue, the more likely it will worsen and change into a more expensive repair in the future.

It’s easy to find a reliable boiler repair service in the Chicagoland area from a company that can perform the job fast and right the first time. Call ServiceMax, and one of our highly trained technicians—the only type that we hire—will be on the way to your home to restore your boiler’s heating power. We offer emergency service for when the repairs simply cannot wait.

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