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Heat Recovery Ventilators in Chicago, IL by ServiceMax

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If you think that keeping your home comfortable throughout the entire year is tough, then try doing so while maintaining great efficiency levels and without putting your indoor air quality at risk. Think it all sounds a little too good to be true? Then think again. In fact, you can accomplish this lofty goal in your very own home. You must simply be properly equipped for doing so. Contact the IAQ specialists at ServiceMax today to discuss the merits of using a heat recovery ventilator for your home in Chicago, IL. When you have a quality HRV installed in your home by one of our fine professionals, you’ll be able to enjoy the great air quality and comfort that you deserve in your living space.

ServiceMax offers quality heat recovery ventilators and services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to schedule services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.

What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

A heat recovery ventilator is a device which is integrated directly into your HVAC system. The purpose of the HRV is simple. It allows you to sufficiently ventilate your home throughout the year without wasting the energy that you pay for in order to maintain comfortable temperatures therein. It sounds complex, but the heat recovery process is actually quite simple in theory.

During the summer season, when you will likely depend upon your HRV the most, you run your air conditioner around the clock in order to cool the air in your home. In doing so, you ensure that the temperature within your home is cool and comfortable. The issue, though, is that running your AC for prolonged periods of time can cause the air in your home to dry out considerably. This can leave the quality of the air quite low. That is where your heat recovery ventilator comes in.

A heat recovery ventilator vents old, stale air out of your home, allowing you to bring fresh air back in in the process. Unlike simply opening your windows to ventilate your house, though, the HRV will not waste energy in doing so. This is because it uses the proximity of the two air streams in order to temper the incoming air. During the summer, the cool air being vented from your home cools down the hot air coming in. During the winter, the opposite occurs. The heat in the air leaving your home warms up the chilly, but fresh, air coming in. The two streams never intermingle, allowing you to maintain great indoor air quality and comfortable temperatures throughout your house without sacrificing efficiency.

We Install and Service Heat Recovery Ventilators in Chicago, IL

As is the case with any other HVAC or indoor air quality equipment, it is absolutely necessary that your heat recovery ventilator is installed and serviced by a skilled, trained professional. You cannot risk damages to your heating and cooling system, or issues with your indoor air quality and efficiency levels, by letting an untrained party complete your HRV services. That is why you should call upon the pros at ServiceMax for HRV services in Chicago, IL when you want the job done right.