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Drain Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL

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Most of us have dealt with a slow drain that caused nothing but frustration. When you simply want to brush your teeth, but the bathroom sink is slowly filling up with water as you do, it gets in the way of your routine. And it is an annoyance when your showers start to feel like baths as the tub collects a pool of water.

Home drain cleaning solutions may be unsafe for the drains, and for the average homeowner, drain snakes and augers can be difficult to maneuver and use safely. That’s why you should call the experts at ServiceMax when you need drain cleaning in Chicago, IL. We’ve been in business since 1998, which means we know how to keep customers satisfied and provide them with quality work.

How to Care for Your Drains

Part of our job is making sure you know how to care for your drains. While we are happy to help whenever you need drain and sewer service, we care about our neighbors and want to make sure you can avoid drain repair for longer. Here’s how to stop a clogged drain before it starts:

  • The only paper product that belongs in a drain is toilet paper. "Flushable" wipes often aren’t, and are a common source of clogged sewer lines.
  • Keep hair out of bathroom sinks and showers with a simple drain cover from the hardware store.
  • Run the garbage disposal with cold water.
  • Keep hard food items like meat bones and fruit pits out of the drains.
  • Avoid having expandable foods like rice and pasta move into the kitchen drains. These may expand in the pipes and create blockage.
  • Avoid letting fats, oils, and grease from cooking flow into your drains. These create a greasy residue in the pipe lining that allows additional debris to cling on and block the pipes.

Our Drain Cleaning Tools and Services

We carry many sizes of drain augers and drain snakes, along with inspection equipment to ensure we select the right equipment for the job. Often, we select Bio–Clean drain cleaning to clear pipes using bacteria to naturally break down organic materials.

This type of drain treatment is safer and more effective than the chemical drain cleaners you find on shelves. It does not produce toxic fumes, nor does it harm tissue. It only digests organic materials, which means it will break down residue and debris in the drains without doing harm to the pipe material.

Why Call the Experts at ServiceMax?

When you have a clogged drain, you could spend hours looking for the right drain cleaning equipment at the store and attempting to unclog a stubborn drain. Or, you could call the experts at ServiceMax. We’ve already got the right tools for the job on hand, and we will select the right equipment to make sure drains stay clear for longer.

When you call our team for drain cleaning service in Chicago, IL, you can expect the best in service and quality.