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Boiler Maintenance in Chicago, IL by ServiceMax

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Boilers are long–term investments, providing households with reliable and effective warmth through the coldest of winters. A boiler that receives a proper, professional installation has the potential to last through a full generation of residents in a home. However, a boiler cannot reach its full lifespan without the assistance of professional technicians to complete annual inspections and tune–ups.

Regular boiler maintenance in Chicago, IL is not an optional service—it’s mandatory to ensure that your boiler lives up to its potential and doesn’t run the risk of a sudden failure during a harsh winter day. When you arrange for professional boiler maintenance from the experienced technicians at ServiceMax, you’ll have valuable peace of mind throughout the cold months that your heating system is in prime working condition. Give us a call to learn more about our Chicagoland boiler maintenance options, or to schedule service in your area.

To enroll in a professional boiler maintenance program for your boiler in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas, give ServiceMax a call today to schedule your next appointment.

Why Boiler Maintenance Is Crucial

Regular boiler maintenance achieves four important goals: it prevents repair needs, protects the boiler from breaking down, maintains energy efficiency, and keeps the boiler in safe working condition.

Boilers contain few mechanical parts, unlike heat pumps and furnaces, and this means they suffer from reduced mechanical stress that can cause them to age prematurely. But this doesn’t mean that boilers will escape from all wear and tear that might lead to repair issues or a potential shutdown. The presence of water and metal means there is a potential for boilers to corrode, which can lead to numerous problems and may even require replacing the water tank if the corrosion is allowed to spread.

During a regular boiler maintenance visit, a technician will look over the system to see if corrosion has started to appear along the tank, its connectors, and the heat exchanger. If any corrosion has started, the technician will arrange for the necessary repairs to stop it as well as to find out how the problem started in the first place.

Maintenance also provides the opportunity to check for leaks and other issues that can affect boilers, such as increases in water pressure inside the tank. Technicians will sometimes flush out the boiler tank to eliminate build–up of sediment inside if it threatens to create repair problems.

Another essential part of the boiler operation is its power source: the majority of boilers use natural gas to provide heat to the water tank. A maintenance technician will check on gas flow and the condition of the burner to see that the boiler is working efficiently and not wasting energy. Even more importantly, the technician will see that the boiler is operating safely, without the risk of gas leaks that can lead to carbon monoxide in your home and the dangers of combustion. Electric heaters can also pose fire hazards without regular maintenance to keep them safe.

Schedule Boiler Maintenance in Chicagoland

Every year that a boiler goes without maintenance will make it more expensive to run and put it at greater risk of needing repairs that could cause it to stop working entirely. If you sign up for one of the Residential Maintenance Agreements available at ServiceMax, you will have the necessary maintenance for your boiler taken care of every year, plus other benefits from membership. You won’t even have to remember to schedule it: we will contact you each year when it’s time for your regular maintenance session, and you can arrange for a convenient time for one of our professionals to inspect and tune–up your boiler. We offer professional maintenance service for many types of heating systems in Chicago, IL. Call us today and schedule your next appointment with us.